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Web Site Common Terms

collageBusiness Brand: the unique design, sign, symbol, words, or a combination of these, used in creating an image that identifies a product, business or service.

Browser: a free software package that lets you view web pages, graphics, and most online content. It converts the code into readable documents. Commonly they are Firefox, Google Chrome (my preference), Internet Explorer, Microsoft Edge and Safari.

Colors RGB or CYMK: red, green and blue colors are used in electronic displays. Printers print color onto paper using the CMYK color which is cyan, magenta, yellow and black.

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Email Marketing

email artworkWow! Did you know that approximately 77% consumers prefer to receive "Permission-based" marketing communication through email? Now that you know this fact maybe you should consider an Email Campaign.

This is a service that I have been asked about more than once and decided that I should learn about this and to ultimately provide this service to my client's such as you.

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Web Site Questions

WORKCreating an effective modern web site starts with asking the right questions. Before launching into any work for a client, it’s important to begin with an analysis that will help them discover the keys to developing a site that communicates effectively and produces the results that are needed.

In summary, these important questions are:

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Profitable Web Sites

piggyA great way to expand your knowledge is to attend online educational webinars. They are inexpensive, convenient and informative covering many popular subjects that can help your business. Here are some tips that I learned from one that I recently viewed...

  •  A website is critical to the success of most businesses today because 94% of smartphone users search for local information from their phone before any other source. And most of them will take action – like call, visit or purchase from a business website from their smartphone.

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